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Vitajuwel Bottles

Experts all over the world agree that water can be restructured, or "informed" in many different ways. One of these ways is using radiation. Take for example a microwave: Put a glass with water in a running microwave for some time and it will begin to boil. The microwave shoots waves at the water molecules that causes them to vibrate. Everything that emits radiation can influence water. A very natural and subtle source of radiation are gems (or crystals). People have been using gems to infuse their drinking water for thousands of years. The ancient Greek did it and wise men and women in the Middle Ages. Of course they couldn't understand the scientific process but they realized, it changed something in their water. Something they could feel and taste. Over the time, they studied the effects of this "gem water" and developed a tradition called "crystal healing". There is lots of literature on this topic (very recommendable e.g. "Gem Water" by J. Goebel, M. Gienger, available in our ONLINE STORE).*


Diabetes Freedom

I Reversed My Type 2 Diabetes And You Can Too...In this program, you will discover a list of chosen foods and some combinations that have significant health benefits. These products are full of phytonutrients, antioxidants, and strong anti-inflammatory agents. Toxins present in food and the environment interfere with the body's ability to produce enough insulin. This is due to a specific ceramide toxin. This toxin blocks the pancreas and hinders digestion. As a result, the body is unable to regulate blood sugar levels. With this program and its conversion potential, toxins are released from the body. It restores body balance and opens up clogged blood vessels. This effective plan helps you lose weight easily by melting irresistible fat. This simple program helps eliminate diabetes, and the methods of this program have been scientifically proven.

My Back Pain Coach

My Back Pain Coach is an effective exercise program commenced by Ian Hart. It helps people with back pain to get rid of it, preventing it from coming back. 

It focuses on bringing vertebral column back to normal. This program operates on cervical, thoracic and lumber pain and targets on the factors that trigger inconvenience. Although there are many ways for treating back pain like medications and surgery, physical therapy like My Back Pain Coach is the most helpful method and is fully recommended. It heals the sufferer from the root by giving proper treatment to the muscles and the spine. Researchers have made it easy for us to understand our body mechanics and in this way we can overtake the pain.

These exercises are easy to do and some people might do it without assistance. One can manage their activities and have control over it by learning the proper way of using his or her back bones. Also, if the exercises are done effectively, the pain may never return. My Back Pain Coach Program is an extensive physical therapy program which can sort out your back pain problem.

Natural Synergy

Natural Synergy is a non-invasive health optimizing system that combines sound therapy with acupressure to alleviate a number of physical and mental problems that one may be suffering from. According to the official company website, the program can teach anyone how to heal themselves from the comfort of their homes (using just one’s fingers and certain sound frequencies).

It is a well-known fact that most western medicine systems tend to look at the body as a divisible entity that needs to be treated as per the specific affliction it is being faced with. However, eastern medicine methodologies — such as Ayurveda, Reiki, etc. — look at the human system as a singular entity wherein the entire body needs to be looked at holistically when it is hit with ailments pain, arthritis, high blood pressure, anxiety, etc.

The Lost Book Of Remedies

The Lost Book of Remedies is the online guide that has a number herbal remedies to get rid of your health issues. Claude Davis and Nicole Apelian are the authors of this special herbal remedy program that consists of different varieties of herbs and plants. As per the official site, this eBook helps in healing the ailments naturally and also to preserve the traditional practices. All the ingredients mentioned can be grown in the backyard and can be used at times of preparation.

The Lost Book of Remedies helps to improve the health condition with the natural traditional health cure. It offers several benefits for health and it can replace the modern medical kit as reported in its site. The program might help you to treat the ailments from root and gives better results. Since the treatment is natural there is no side effects as reported. As per the author, it works in short span and also contains remedies for severe disease like cancer and tumor. It is completely natural and you can find ingredients like Angry Bear Paw, Red Beak Powder, Berries of the Hawthorn tree and many others. Also, the official site also specifies that the incredible program will teach you the methodology of growing the herbs in your home. It may treat cut, wounds and pain naturally as reported.

The program may support you with protection against hepatitis A, B and C and fight infections. You might learn how to prevent growth of disease and flush the toxins from your body.